The Why

Tabula Rasa is Latin for 'Clean Slate' . This was my inspiration for setting this up, using things i have written, and in the main, my own photographs.


When i hit rock bottom, i had a choice in life, as we all do - to fold or to fight back. My views, perceptions and attitude changed completely, i had to do everything by myself, of myself, for myself - only then was i in a position to start to contribute to life in a meaningful way. 


The journey to this point has been immensley challenging, frustrating, dissapointing, and, at times, confusing, but oh so amazingly rewarding - i would not change a thing. I genuinely believe that Everthing in life is for a reason and that we grow as a result of what we take from it.


I wanted to put something out there, that may be of use, to anyone who is in need of encouragement, self - belief or hope.  The things contained on these pages have helped me, and continue to do so - may they be of some use to you.



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Each and every one of Us

86,400 seconds - use them wisely.

Don't let life control you,

You control your life.

Number 16

Work hard to aspire to the best of your ability. Take nothing for granted. Assume little and believe only your own eyes & ears, information via other peoples vessles is subject to change and distortion.


Never judge - if asked, be aware of both sides and then offer impartial honesty, without condemnation. Always consider yourself an equal amongst equals - certainly no more, and never ever, any less. Realise that your every word and deed will impact those around you to a greater or lesser degree - be mindful of the way you impact.


Do not underestimate the power of intent, and indeed, its reflection on you - positive, genuine intent is a mighty thing, so may we be too.

Make a little you time

You still with me Claude..................CLAUDE!!!!!!!!!!!

Make the rest of your life,

the best of your life.

Tell me about your Moon


 It begins with a nothing, a clear begining to the current journey. Light begins to appear as the clock springs to life and our actions and interactions begin to tally. Live life, feel life, touch life - a whole world of choice lies before you.


The brightness grows & fills more space, i begin to look with an expectant face. Half way through, actions, thoughts & deeds will be the measure of you. We move towards the whole, with the parts we have created, nurtured, encouraged and inspired - for those around us are a reflection of our inner self.


It is there, full & proud & bright & majestic, pure and whole & mightily bold. It radiates its presence in a constant calm assuredness, surrounded by a deafening sound of silence.


How full is your Moon?


Music for the Soul