The why......................and the why.


Tabula Rasa is Latin for 'Clean Slate' . This was my inspiration for setting this up, using things i have written, and in the main, my own photographs.


When i hit rock bottom, i had a choice in life, as we all do - to fold or to fight back. My views, perceptions and attitude changed completely, i had to do everything by myself, of myself, for myself - only then was i in a position to start to contribute to life in a meaningful way. 


The journey to this point has been immensley challenging, frustrating, dissapointing, and, at times, confusing, but oh so amazingly rewarding - i would not change a thing. I genuinely believe that Everthing in life is for a reason and that we grow as a result of what we take from it.


I wanted to put something out there, that may be of use, to anyone who is in need of encouragement, self - belief or hope.  The things contained on these pages have helped me, and continue to do so - may they be of some use to you.



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86,400 seconds - use them wisely.

It is only at the point of letting go,

do we actually take control.

Number 16

Work hard to aspire to the best of your ability. Take nothing for granted. Assume little and believe only your own eyes & ears, information via other peoples vessles is subject to change and distortion.


Never judge - if asked, be aware of both sides and then offer impartial honesty, without condemnation. Always consider yourself an equal amongst equals - certainly no more, and never ever, any less. Realise that your every word and deed will impact those around you to a greater or lesser degree - be mindful of the way you impact.


Do not underestimate the power of intent, and indeed, its reflection on you - positive, genuine intent is a mighty thing, so may we be too.

Without you, I cannot be what I want to be.

And without me, I cannot be what you want me to be.......



In a nutshell.

                                                   The Week-a-Holic



My name is Mon, Mon Day...........and I am a day of the week. Nobody likes me, in fact, they detest me - i'm not gonna lie, I don't know why. The sun still shines and there's air to breathe, and the birds still sing, as they bob and weave.


My name is Tues, Tues Day.........and I am a day of the week. People are relieved to see me, but not because of me. You don't know how painful and grating this can be. To be this day of the week really is no fun - everyone appreciates me, because I'm not Mon.


My name is Wednes, Wednes Day.........and I am a day of the week. I am a strange kind of day, in every way, there are two parts to me no matter which way. Nobody cares, what I offer or share, they don't really notice me, to be fair. Then at noon, and not a moment too soon - I am welcomed with a sigh and grunt - "Thank goodness week, we've reached the tipping point"


 My name is Thurs, Thurs Day..........and I am a day of the week. I suppose I should be happy - nobody dislikes me like Mon, but I can't help feeling they wish I was someone else. I race by, but in the blink of an eye, and without the attention I deserve. There's excitement and glee for the Day that follows me, but nothing for my here and now.


My name is Fri, Fri Day..........and I am a day of the week. I am the best day of the week, of that there is no doubt. I have love and laughter, mirth and fun, oh my word, the weekend has just begun. Anything is possible, all can be done - no matter what is happening, rain, sleet or sun. All the hurt and all the pain, that the other Days caused, was not in vein - I won't let you down, be rid of that frown, it is time to party again.


My name is Satur, Satur Day..........and I am a day of the week. I am oh so busy, everyone tries to get everything done - keep on running, run, run, run. Busy, congested, congested and busy, a half look back and a forward glance - of all that was, and is yet to be. That one big day, to have your say, let your hair down and have some fun, enjoy the moment before the weekend is done.


My name is Sun, Sun Day........and I am a day of the week. I should be so relaxed but I am not, I'm the day of the week that people forgot. People don't enjoy me for me, they miss me because of the day, that is yet to be. Everyone is obsessed with Mon - so much so, I feel like i do not exist. "Tomorrow this, Mon that" I get so tired of this, week in week out, you're constantly missing me, what is that all about?


My name is Day, Every Day.........and I am a day of the week. Please do not label me, and tell me what I am, embrace me, rejoice in me, in the best way that you can. I am but a servant to you and all that you desire, place the wood, strike the match, and start your very own fire.